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Karijini National Park

The spectacular landscape has been carved out over two billion years!

Karijini is famous for its dramatic creeks and spectacular gorges and our favorite national park in Western Australia. Explore ancient rocky tunnels and gorges, swim through crystal-clear waterways and under stunning waterfalls. We only had a few days there, but here are the hikes we can recommend. While our visit we stayed in the Dales Gorge Campground, which is a great place to explore the eastern end of the park. The park entry fee is 13$ per car (Aug 2018).

- Dales Gorge Walk, Fortescue Falls & Circular Pools,

Karijini National Park

Find the Dales Gorge walk trail via the Fortescue Falls and Circular Pools access points. You can easily start from the Dales Campground, its just a 10min walk.

- Hancock Gorge, Kermits Pool, Karijini National Park

To be honest, this is a Class 5 level track, you have to swim in cold water, climb over sharp and slippery rocks and walk through narrow cliff formations...​ But we promise, it's worth all the efforts! With only 80 minutes and 400 metres return it's one of the most spectacular short trails in Western Australia.

- Kalamina Gorge​, Karijini National Park

Kalamina Gorge is easy to access and the shallowest of Karijini’s gorges. It takes only 5 min down a steep track to the base of the gorge to a small permanent pool, with a waterfall.

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