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The Ningaloo Coast 

Exmouth to Coral Bay via Monkey Mia

Vitamin Sea after all National Parks

The Ningaloo Coast is a World Heritage Site located in the north west coastal region of Western Australia. From Broom down the West Coast it's finally possible to swim in the ocean again. The beaches above are from the same beauty, but it's simply too dangerous to have a swim there, because of the crocodiles! Popular places to visit along the Ningaloo Coast are Exmouth and Monkey Mia. See below our photos to get a first impression.

Exmouth - Swim with a Whale Shark!

Exmouth is a small resort town and a gateway to the Ningaloo Marine Park with its coral reefs, colourful fish and beautiful whale sharks. Here is everything about the ocean! In the visitor center you can borrow or buy some snorkel equipment and explore the coral reefs around on your own. You can also book a various of boot tours to swim even with whale sharks or rays!

- Welcome to Exmouth!

- Exmouth, we saw a lot of interesting dead fish at the beach

Monkey Mia - Dolphins and white mussels everywhere!

Always blue skies and sunshine almost every day of the year! Monkey Mia is ideal for a holiday visit and to explore the outback. Our highlights were the dolphins and the white mussels, which are covering the whole caravan park.

Monkey Mia, Dolphin's experience on the beach

Monkey Mia, observe the huge Pelicans on the beach

Monkey Mia, the whole caravan park is rebuilt and covered with white mussels! The best caravan park we stayed in WA!

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