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The Top End Nationalparks - Kakadu - Litchfield and Kathrine Gorge

The adventure begins!

Our Off-Road Adventure started in Darwin, with 34 degrees very hot and dry, but that’s pretty normal, because of the dry season (Aug-Oct). We stayed there in a little airbnb paradise (so many beautiful appartments and treehouses, there are many to choose from, have a look!!), where we prepared our equipment for this blog and the car for our Off-Road Adventure! For the first time we tasted crocodile meat in Darwin and we would say it tastes like chicken and fish at the same time. Have you ever tried it? What do you think? Let us know! Unfortunately we didn’t had much time to explore Darwin, but we can recommend the Crocodile Meat, the Botanic Gardens and the Sunset at the East Point Beach! Be always aware of crocodiles in the Northern Territory, they live in the sea (saltwater crocodiles) and in many rivers and lakes (fresh water crocodiles). Swim only in the water when you see other people in there and read the warning signs.

Our First Stop - Kakadu National Park

To explore the Kakadu National Park, you have to pay a entry fee. We payed 80$ for two people (Aug 2018). But it's worth it! This national park has one of the world’s greatest concentrations of aboriginal rock art sites. Some paintings are up to 20,000 years old! We saw paintings of common animals living in this area, crocodlie warnings, little stories and rituals. There are approximately 5,000 rock art sites in Kakadu NP. One of the longest historical records of any group of people on Earth. 

"How to catch and prepare barramundi fish!"

"A crocodile warning and a lot of barramundi fish in this area!"

On our second day we went hiking to the Jim Jim Falls. Honestly, not the easiest walk (over slippery and sharp rocks) and the heat is almost unbearable, but in the end there is a beautiful cool pool waiting for you and while walking you will see many wild animals and a beautiful landscape! We stopped there for a little swim.

Our Next Stop - Litchfield National Park

There is no entry fee for the Litchfield national park. We camped wild there and we didn't take a shower for 5 days! But thats alright, you can easily swim in the beautiful natural pools next to waterfalls! We have seen the Wangi Falls, the Florence Falls, the Tolmer Falls, the huge magnetic termite mouds and of course amazing sunsets. We can also recommend the 4WD tracks there, its a lot of fun!

The Amazing Kathrine George

We went canoeing in the stunning Kathrine George. We've seen a lot of fresh water crocodiles! We booked our tour on the day in the visitor centre for 69$ per person. If you want to enjoy the amazing landscape in a relaxed cruise, they also offer different boot tours (e.g. dinner and sunset cruise view!).

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